Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to provide overnight boarding services at this time. We are offering all of our other services during this time, by appointment only.

Cozy. Personalized. Innovative. Our boarding facility is unlike any other in the area. We have designed our B&B to be a home away from home. We are definitely not a “one size fits all” large scale, boarding and daycare. Each of our guests can have their stay tailored to their specific needs. What we have learned through the years of experience working with animals and studying dog behavior, is that most dogs want to be included. They prefer to be with “their humans” and other dogs, rather than be isolated. We also know that cooping a dog up in a “suite” for days with limited free range time and no access to the outdoors is not good for their mental or physical well-being. So we don’t.

We took this basic knowledge and built our entire B&B around it. We are a small, very personalized facility where your dog will have around the clock love, care, structure and attention. An outdoor walk is included in each overnight accommodation and best of all, our guests will be free range all the time and can sleep with the overnight staff (if they so choose). If your pup prefers/needs some peace and quiet, they can sleep in a pup den. Our pup dens are quiet spaces, separate from the main playroom, where your dog can nap, have a quiet dinner alone (if they prefer not to have distractions while eating), take a break from all the fun if they need to relax or want to unwind but for the most part, your dog will be with the “pack” during his/her stay with us. Day & Night.

Safe. Healthy. Happy. We want your dog’s stay with us to be not just good but excellent! In addition to having around the clock free range accommodations so your dog never feels alone, we want to keep each of our guests safe and happy. In order to keep a safe and happy environment, our experienced staff will be teaching each guest barrier manners (how to wait at doorways until invited through), “place” (teaching your dog to know where to go and stay when asked, bark control (so we have a quiet and low stress environment) and basic obedience/basic manners (as needed). Our staff is dedicated creating a calm but fun, organized but playful environment to ensure the safety, well-being and enjoyment of each of our guests.

With 24 hour staff, around the clock free range accommodations, fun/mentally stimulating activities, outdoor outings and movie nights (So fun! See details below), we will make sure your pet’s stay is PAWsitively excellent!

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Sadly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to provide overnight boarding services at this time. We are offering all of our other services during this time, by appointment only.

B&B Accommodations

Overnights at the B&B


Our guests will be free range, day and night. We will have an overnight staff member on location, so your dogs may choose to sleep with the staff member, on any of our many cozy dog beds or in one of our Pup Dens. It’s a big slumber party!

Additional Dog (from same household, any size)

$10 off each additional dog


Platinum Paw Upgrade


This package includes everything our standard boarding accommodations include PLUS an additional 30 minute walk AND a Kong filled treat! +$20. 


(Discounted packages can be used individually, together and/or for holidays. Expires within 1 calendar year of purchase):





Each overnight stay includes:

 Around the clock free range accommodations.

 Up to 2 meals of your dog’s regular food per day (supplied by pet parent, house food and additional feedings available at an additional cost).

 Tuck in and night night treat (Please notify us prior to the stay if your pup has any food/other allergies).

 FREE Exit bath when your pup stays 5 or more nights!

Additional Highlights:

 Boarding Bed & Breakfast services can be customized so your dog can partake in outdoor activities such as private walks, group walks, hikes and dog beach outings.

 Movie nights! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, we have movie night for all of our overnight guests. They, along with their Best Buddies Pet Care staff member will sit back, relax and watch a pet themed movie together (or romp with their furry friends while the movie plays in the background😉).

 Flexible Drop Off and Pick Up Hours (7am-7pm on weekdays & 8am-6pm on weekends and holidays).

 We offer Pet Taxi/Transportation services if you would like door to door service for pick up and drop offs. *Pet Taxi’s must be scheduled in advance. Subject to availability.

 We have a large air-conditioned playroom with a state of the art K9-Grass, turf potty area with drainage.

 Our services are fully customizable with our Premier In-Home Pet Sitting options as well as our top notch Grooming/Day Spa services. Whatever your pet care needs are, we are here to help!

 We have experienced staff and extreme animal lovers on site 24 hours a day, so your pets are never alone!

Add-Ons for Dog Boarding

30 Minute Walk


Group Hike


In one of our local trails

Beach Outing at Huntington or Long Beach


Subject to Availability

Kong Toy stuffed with filling/treats

$3 per Treat

Additional Feeding


House Food

$2 per feeding (up to 2 cups)




All dogs will go through a thorough Evaluation/Assessment test to determine if they will be a good fit for our facility. All dogs must be completely social with other dogs, house/potty trained and fully vaccinated to be considered. This is to ensure maximum health and safety for all of our guests.

**Please note, we do require all boarding guests to complete a minimum of 2 days of daycare before being accepted as an overnight guest. This is to ensure we can properly evaluate your pet’s needs and personality to make sure their stay is the best experience possible. This is also to acclimate your dog slowly to the B&B to make sure the transition to a new situation is as smooth as possible. Your evaluation/assessment appointment can be counted as one of the days. Assessments/Evaluations may be waived if you are a current/past client and we feel we have a good understanding of your dog’s behavior/personality and feel your dog(s) would be a good fit. Please inquire about Evaluation/Assessment protocol with our staff upon booking.  

Vaccination Requirements:

All dogs must be current on Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella (kennel cough) and Rabies. We can administer Bordetella & Distemper vaccinations in house if your dog is not current. Please inquire. These vaccinations must be current through the entirety of their stay (expiration date must not fall before the last day of services).

**Exceptions will be made if veterinary approved/signed titer levels are provided. Please ask for more details.

Alteration Requirements for Boarding & Daycare Service:

Although we dearly love all creatures in every shape and form, unaltered dogs possess hormones that can set off other dogs, at no fault of their own. This policy is for safety reasons. We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

*** Due to the fact that many veterinarians recommend large breed dogs wait until at least 1 year to be spayed or neutered, we do make exceptions for puppies up to 1 year of age, provided they pass our temperament/socializations requirements.


Please also note, this policy is ONLY for our Boarding and Daycare services and does not include our Grooming/Spa services (unaltered dogs are welcome to book grooming/day spa services).