Not just your average doggy daycare!

Our Day Camp 2.0 Program is a great way for your dog to play, socialize and learn! Socialization is so important for dogs, as they are inherently pack animals. Our Day Camp 2.0 Program is a combination of daycare AND training! Not only will your dog get to play with other dogs, we also teach good socialization skills and guide our Day Campers to learn proper interactions with their doggy peers. Our Day Camp 2.0 Program also incorporates training (basic cues and repetition if your pup already knows basic cues), overall good manners, games and mentally stimulating puzzles and activities to help dogs learn how to problem solve. Our program is developed and enjoyed by dogs of all ages!

The combination of physical and mental stimulation will have your pup fulfilled and pleasantly pooped after their stay with us. As the saying goes…a tired dog is a good dog (and a happy pet parent)!

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Day Camp 2.0 Options

Half-Day Day Camp 2.0


Up to 6 hours

Full-Day Day Camp 2.0


Up to 12 hours

*We offer discounted packages for Day Camp 2.0 options. Please call to inquire.


All dogs will go through a thorough Evaluation/Assessment test to determine if they will be a good fit for our facility and to make sure we are a good fit for them! All dogs must be completely social with other dogs, house/potty trained and fully vaccinated to be considered. This is to ensure maximum health and safety for all of our guests.

Vaccination Requirements:

All dogs must be current on Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella (kennel cough) and Rabies. Vaccinations must be kept up to date and for the safety of your pet and our other guests, we ask that vaccinations do not lapse. It is the customers responsibility to keep your pets up to date with vaccinations and provide Best Buddies Pet Care with a copy of all updated vaccinations records.

**Exceptions will be made if veterinary approved/signed titer levels are provided. Please ask for more details.

Alteration Requirements for Daycare Service:

Although we dearly love all creatures in every shape and form, unaltered dogs possess hormones that can set off other dogs, at no fault of their own. This policy is for safety reasons. We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

*** Due to the fact that many veterinarians recommend large breed dogs wait until at least 1 year to be spayed or neutered, we do make exceptions for puppies up to 1 year of age on a case by case basis, provided they pass our temperament/socializations requirements and their unaltered status is not disruptive to the pack.


Please also note, this policy is ONLY for our Daycare services and does not include our Grooming/Spa services (unaltered dogs are welcome to book grooming/day spa services).