Training is one of the most important things you can invest in when it comes to your dog…and your sanity. Our philosophy is simple… balance, happiness and well-being. Not all dogs are the same. In fact, no two dogs are the same. Our training services are tailored to each individual dog’s needs.

Whether you want to work on basic obedience, socialization or specific behaviors, our trainers are dedicated to creating the perfect training program for you and your pup.

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Private Training

Consultation/Training Session:


If you are not sure what plan is best for you or would like to do one session before committing to a program, we certainly understand! We can schedule a Consultation/Training Session, in which

your trainer will not only go over your goals, hopes and expectations, they will also discuss our program options in depth to explore which option is best for you and your dog. Your trainer will also discuss management tips to help you start working on behaviors you would like to target until you meet again (if you decide to proceed with one of our training programs).

*The Consultation/Training Session is a stand alone service and is not counted towards any of our training programs.

Behavior Modification Training Package:


These sessions are geared towards specific behaviors you’d like to work on such as: jumping, barking, biting, chewing, aggression, leash pulling, digging etc. This series is great to follow up with the Puppy Success Program, Adoption Success Program or as a stand alone program, in order to focus on any behaviors you’d like to curtail.

Puppy Success & Adoption Success Program Options:


The Puppy Success Program is geared towards puppy maintenance issues like potty training, chewing, crating or pen training, etc., in addition to teaching your pup obedience cues and overall good behavior.

The Adoption Success Program for rescues/adopted dogs, is geared toward teaching your new family member how to acclimate to their new fur-ever home and what is ok and not ok in their new environment.

  • The Puppy Success & the Adoption Success Programs are each 10 week courses.
  • Both options teach manners, obedience, leash skills, in addition to Socialization with people, places, sounds, objects and animals.
  • Both programs center around having our trainers teach you the tools you need to set your pup up for a lifetime of success and work at your dog’s level with an emphasis on how to navigate your personal environment and new experiences successfully.
  • We also focus on Biological fulfillment activities and relationship building activities that make training fun. We begin in your home for several weeks, building skills and practicing attention exercises, going over all things needed to have a successful home life. When your pup is ready, we then take the training out into the world in order to proof the training amid distractions to make sure you and your pup are ready for real life interactions and situations.
  • Both Programs include a Half Day of our Day Camp 2.0 Program. Our Day Camp 2.0 Program is great for dogs of all ages! It not only teaches socialization skills but our trainers also work on basic obedience and good manners during your dog’s stay. In addition to the socialization and training, our Day Camp 2.0 program includes games and puzzles for the pups to do to teach them how to problem solve. Your trainer will discuss this program more in depth at your first session.

We understand these options are an investment. We are committed to setting you up for a lifetime of success and we want to be sure you and your puppy and/or your adopted doggy have a healthy and balanced life together. We do offer payments plans for the Puppy & Adoption Success Programs. Please call to inquire.