Menu Description

Puppy Success & Adoption Success Program Options:

The Puppy Success Program is geared towards puppy maintenance issues like potty training, chewing, crating or pen training, etc., in addition to teaching your pup obedience cues and overall good behavior. The Adoption Success Program for rescues/adopted dogs, is geared toward teaching your new family member how to acclimate to their new fur-ever home and…


Behavior Modification Training Package:

These sessions are geared towards specific behaviors you’d like to work on such as: jumping, barking, biting, chewing, aggression, leash pulling, digging etc. This series is great to follow up with the Puppy Success Program, Adoption Success Program or as a stand alone program, in order to focus on any behaviors you’d like to curtail.

Consultation/Training Session:

If you are not sure what plan is best for you or would like to do one session before committing to a program, we certainly understand! We can schedule a Consultation/Training Session, in which your trainer will not only go over your goals, hopes and expectations, they will also discuss our program options in depth…